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Stay Safe with Self-Defense Tips

Protect Yourself!!!

Staying safe amid crime waves is a major concern for many today, especially for people in America’s big cities.

Given recent reports of violent crime, having self-defense tools on hand and knowing how to use them properly could prevent an unwanted encounter or injury.

Some of the most common non-lethal self-defense tools on the market include stun guns, pepper spray and other tools — but it’s critical to understand how to use them safely and legally.

While different states (and often cities as well) have specific legal guidance and parameters regarding these weapons, here is some information to start about self-defense tools.

All tools should be obtained, maintained and used only in accordance appropriate training. 

Stun Guns

Stun guns are devices that can be a helpful tool in terms of warding off potential attackers. 

Stun guns are legal in most states except Rhode Island, but it is critical to know how to possess and use them properly when needed.

Stun Guns have seen a “significant” increase in sales recently, due to the increase in crime in mostly big cities.

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Pepper spray and gel

Pepper spray might be the “most practical and commonly used less lethal” safety product.

Pepper Sprays provide protection at a distance.  A good spray will contain upwards of 10 seconds of spray time, which allows protection against multiple threats.

In 42% of cases, there are multiple assailants involved in an attack, which makes pepper spray a good option to defend yourself at a distance.

Pepper spray might be the “most practical and commonly used less lethal” safety product, according to Safety Experts.

While pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, specific parameters apply.

Pepper gel is a version of pepper spray, it prevents “blow back” in windy conditions.

Pepper Gel typically will spray a little bit further. It sticks to the individual and pretty much eliminates that wind blow back, and it’s ideal for use outdoors.  The draw back with pepper gel is you have to be more precise with your aim since it is a stream as the picture above shows.

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Other Self Defense Tools

Custom “striking” keychains, which are equipped with self-defense tools, have become trendy on social media.

Add-ons include expandable batons, kubotans, folding and concealed knives, and metal knuckles.

Self Defense tools can be purchased at:

Unfortunately, with the increase in crime in major cities people have to equip themselves so they do not become a victim. 

‘Use as intended’

Self-defense expert Rener Gracie, CEO and head instructor at Gracie University of Jiu-Jitsu in Torrance, California, stressed the importance of knowing how to use these tools.

“Every tool that is on the market, whether it’s a stun gun, pepper spray or an edged weapon, is effective when used as intended,” he said.

Gracie emphasized that these tools should be ready to deploy at any moment, even when an attack isn’t suspected.

“When deployed as intended, they may temporarily blind a subject or cause extreme pain to make them reconsider their attack,” he said.

“It’s all about time to respond. So you pepper spray a subject, they’re dealing with their eyes — you now have the time to get to safety, get help and ultimately save yourself from that potential assault.”

Gracie is an advocate for all tools that have “extreme benefits,” and urges people to get training to “use them effectively.”

Self-defense tools should be ready to deploy at any moment, even when an attack isn’t suspected.

While sitting stopped at a traffic signal, reach and grab your pepper
spray like you are getting ready to use it.  Do this at every traffic light,
everyday, until it becomes second nature to you.  You want to know where
to reach for it without looking for it.  You want to get the feel of it
in your hand, making sure you have it pointed in the direction away from
you.  You need to do this until you can grab it and aim it without
thinking about it.  Do the same if you keep you pepper spray in your purse or pocket.  Practice grabbing it to make sure you have it in your hand correctly.  You don’t want to have to think about it when you need to use it. 

A very good kit to purchase is:  It comes with 3 pepper sprays. One for your car, one for your purse or pocket and one for the home.

“Having a personal safety product that you keep accessible … and being mentally prepared to use it and visualizing how you’re going to use it will go a long way toward keeping you safe,” he added.

Once a violent attack is underway, the only tools that can be relied upon are skills committed to  memory.

Courses on self-defense are accessible through a variety of select institutions.  Google self-defense classes in your area.  If having trouble finding one, send us an email and we will help you locate a reputable one.

View a video from Fox News on tips to protect yourself from being a victim: